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My PicturePilot, old school gamer, biker, geek and interior designer.

I’m 30 years old from Bangalore, the tech capital of India. Started this blog to share new websites and interesting gadgets with my friends back in 2006.

Worked in companies like AT&T, Verizon, Covad and Accenture before deciding to look at a career in aviation. Currently running an interior design and construction work and working as Director of IT for another company.

More About Me

Love my friends, like my beer after sweating it out on the soccer field, listen to music, nice guy, will take time making friends but once you got me well you will tolerate me , hard working though not lately, sincere like to ideally earrrrrn my money not recieve it , like to work under pressure, ride my Z250 all over the place just love speed and the rush but yeah not a have to see blood today before i sleep kinda biker , love rock and a lil MoS ! u r definately gonna freak out if I start drifting in my car.. hmm did i mention anything about being a pilot !

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