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Add effects to video from our webcam

My Dell laptop had a logitech software that allowed me to add effects to the video that my webcam produces. It was always a fun software that could make friends in a video call laugh. This is a similar software do get these affects on other webcams.

Manycam is a free software that can add effects to the video stream from your webcam. It also allows you to add text to your video stream. You need to download the software and set it as your primary webcam application. Once this is done the software will allow you to add text, animations, CGI effects and more to your videos.

The software tracks the user’s face for most effects and adds animations that simulate eyewear, hair, etc. There are thousands of animation available for download on Manycam’s website.

Download ManyCam

Add effects to video from our webcam
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  • Rakesh Solanki

    I have web cam but i didn’t know about this feature. Thanks for application

  • This application is so cool! I didn’t think something like this could exist

  • Janae

    this is soooo cool! any chance you know about any free/open source software that we can make time-lapse movies with? from still images and/or from regular-speed movies? thanks!

  • dont have much experience in that but the best place to ask your question or find an answer would be at

  • Richard @ Christmas tree scented candle

    Thanks for the information. That is pretty decent software considering the price. I see a lot of potential for many of my upcoming projects. I can’t wait to see some of the other capabilities.

  • The application is so cool!

  • sharing good wishes for success