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Google TV – Internet Videos on your TV

Google TV is a new platform that tries to bring videos on the internet to your TV. People change their appointments to watch TV shows or download them from the internet to follow their favourite shows. Watching videos on Youtube does not give the experience that your TV and its audio can give you.

Google aims to bridge this gap by trying to get your TV to show you all the videos that you can watch on the internet through your PC. Google has tied up with Intel and Sony to come up with Google TV.

Google TV can either be built into new models of TV’s that will the sold in the future, the first being from Sony. It can also be accessed by buying a Google TV set top box. Its is reported that Google is looking at Logitech to provide bluetooth devices like a remote and keyboard that works with this platform.

Google TV allows you to search for shows on your cable TV, internet video sharing sites and use internet websites directly on your TV. See the intro video from Google to get a good idea about this platform.

Will Google TV become a hit ? Is it viable ? Leave a comment and tell us.

Google TV – Internet Videos on your TV
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  • danixd

    I will definitely be using this service, I hate the rubbish I am fed from most broadcasters.

    The problem in the UK is the infrastructure. Streaming video hogs a lot of bandwidth, if the whole family were to stream their video through the internet, they would get a slap and get their traffic managed by their ISP. This will make the service unusable during peak hours.

    Televisions are more accessible than computers, so the problem will be incremental. More people = more bandwidth = slower service.

    This problem isn’t helped by large organisations trying to stop the use of p2p services which would be a perfect technology for such a business model.

  • Hi…………..
    Your new platform Google TV brings videos from internet to your TV. I will use your new platform in coming days.
    Thank you very much…………..

  • jay

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  • Buzzirk Bryan

    Hard to say ,i know the Apple owner says a search on t.v. has always failed.

  • The new platform Google TV brings videos from internet to TV. I will try