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Repair broken MP3 files

MP3 Diags is a freeware application that can find and fix over 50 problems related to mp3 files. This can prove to be a useful tool when you have a huge music collection and want to ensure that all the files work correctly.

MP3 Diags scans the files and then lets you edit track / album info, download and embed album art, fix broken track information, tags etc.


  • Find broken tags, headers and audio
  • Find missing VBR headers, album art, track info
  • Find character encoding issues
  • Rename files based on¬†fields
  • Fix seeking problems

You might also want to take a look at MP3 Gain, which helps to normalize music levels for different files.

Download MP3 Diags

Repair broken MP3 files
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  • Cat Scratch Fever

    Nice, thanks heaps for sharing. I run our church website and upload the sermon mp3’s which are occasionally damaged. Will be very interesting to run the damaged ones through this and see how they go, hopefully I have some success.