Watch full movies on Youtube – Dabangg

I was amazed to find that Youtube has full movies that you can watch for free ! Usually someone uploads movies in parts that can be watched in series. Of course this is piracy and once someone reports a movie, action is taken against the account holder. This hasn’t stopped people from uploading movies on Youtube.

Dabangg starring Salman Khan, which happens to be one of the biggest Bollywood hits of 2010 has released the movie on Youtube. You get to watch the entire movie which is more than two hours.

So what does the promoters of this film gain by uploading the movie on Youtube and letting people watch for free ? I guess it is because they know that piracy can’t be stopped, might as well make a little money by allowing computer users to watch online.

Revenue comes from video advertisments in the movie. Google plays video advertisements around 6-7 times in the movie. So, I got to watch Clinic All Clear advertisment a few times but thats way better than wasting an hour watching a movie on TV.

So, why did i post about this ? I’m just happy that film makers have realized that this is a good way to counter piracy while making a little money out of it. Hope more studios start using this model.

Watch Dabanng on Youtube

Watch full movies on Youtube – Dabangg
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