Watch RAR movies without unzipping

Most movies or video that are downloaded from the internet are split into multiple files using WinRar. This is the standard form when an video is released by a scene (group).

It is annoying to unrar the movie before you can watch it. It creates duplicates of the files that you have and takes up precious hard disk space, not to mention time ! Most trackers require you to keep the downloaded file for seeding, so you can’t delete the rar files too. What if we could watch RAR movies without the need to decompress them ! There are three ways we can do this.

How to Watch RAR movies without unzipping

Method 1

Method 2

Many media player have started supporting RAR file playback ! VLC Media Player that is commonly used also supports this feature.

Start the media player, open the rar file and enjoy the movie.

If you don’t use VLC, I suggest you get SPlayer. It is fast, light weight and plays rar movies (even 1080p) without any lag or delay. Very good quality playback. I would recommend this player for RAR video playback.

Method 3

WinMount allows you to mount rar archives as a virtual drive without actually having to decompress the files. It features no decompression, actions taken in virtual path, protects hard drive and saves space.

I have not tried this method yet but it is another alternative that is available.

Personally I prefer to use Method 2 using Splayer to play rar movies without unraring it. For normal movie playback I use GomPlayer.

Watch RAR movies without unzipping
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