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200$ contest for reaching 450+ RSS subscribers

We are happy to see that the RSS subscribers for this blog has crossed the 450 mark. Its been some time since there was a contest so this looks like a good oppurtunity to give back to my readers who have stood through thick and thin of this blog.

How to get the 200$ ?

Simple just leave a comment on this post. Optionally you could also give a thumbs up for one of the other articles on this blog.

The winner will be chosen after two weeks from commentors. So make sure you enter the correct email address while leaving a comment so that we can contact you regarding the money. The 200$ will be transferred via paypal.

200$ contest for reaching 450+ RSS subscribers
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  • tigsfan

    I Love your site! Just started following about a year ago, and you guys have some really helpful tips that I’ve used now and again. GREAT SITE keep up the good work!

  • Elangovan R

    you guys have some really helpful tips…
    Congrats and Keep going…

  • BBx

    This is a great site! Awesome contest too! Congrats on your solid subscribers!! Keep up the good job!

  • Mark

    Congratulations on getting so many subscribers, keep bringing us excellent information!

  • Joe Vautour

    Your blog was recomended to me by Google reader a few months ago. I have enjoyed reading your posts. Congrats on reaching 450 you will reach 500 in no time.

  • I’m already subscriver since a long time ago… congratulations!

  • victoryv

    Hey guys congrats on reaching 450+ RSS readers.Your site has really helpful resources.Great one and good contest.

  • Kenny

    Congratulations dude, and may you enjoy greater success.

  • Naim

    Congratulations! Great website, great content and expect greater things to come! May the force be with you.. :cool:

  • Nick Throlson

    wow count me in on this great contest

  • Found this post from my email. :)
    Congratulation Man!
    Blogged at:


    Count me in too

    I want to win the prize hehehe :P

  • Noelevz

    Congratulations ,Man! and may you enjoy even more success in the future!

    Count me in too….

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Great to see a fairly big cash prize!!.

    Count me in too….

    Good luck to everyone :)

  • Sano

    :razz: $_$ I want it

  • Sena

    Congrats on your 450+ RSS subscribers! Keep it up!! And awesome website!

  • interceptor

    that was over the usual way of giving out something for real to the visitors who made you claim out this blog as a very better place for tech stuff, voila ! thank you that you still consider us , the visitors, to such a place of respect and honor to have our place made so important , coz for us we were never as important than getting what we had at your blog ! keep up the good work ~

  • David

    Here’s my comment for your contest :smile: I’ve been following your blog recently and I’ll continue to read every post :wink:

  • Edra

    Great work. I’d like an entry. Thank you.

  • Kris Phillipe

    Count me in. Thanks!

  • SE7EN

    congrats for the milestone!
    hehe I hope I’ll be lucky to win.

  • danandmarsh

    Great site you got going on here. Congratulations on 450 readers!!! I am subscribed through google reader! May more success come your way!! :smile:

  • Whoops :roll: sorry I typed in the wrong web address above,sorry, please delete!
    Great site you got going here. Congratulation on reaching 450 readers. I am subscribed through google reader May more success come your way!

  • ruben

    wooww… such a big price..
    for me its a huge price.. :)

    please count me in..

    hopefully i will win the price.. :)

  • congrats, I am happy for you :). Care to share how you do it?

  • Dingexx

    wwoowww..450+ subscribers are so cool..I was enjoying reading your blog..Looking more contest in this site..:-)I’ve been following on u..Congrats to this contest..It’s so cool.. :wink: :wink:

  • Kanak Bhandari

    Hey congrats for the milestone … Keep up the good work… Hope to see more from this tech blog :)

  • Hi,

    Like wow your hosting a really simple easy contest . I wish every one the best of luck.
    Well i made a post of it on my blog so that others may find it !

  • bm

    Wow! This is an easy one :mrgreen:

  • Count me in! I feel like winning :mrgreen:

  • Mr-Gee

    Ok, I want to win then! :mrgreen:

  • Super easy contest. Thumps up to this post! I am the 1st one to do it. :mrgreen:

  • James Wilcox

    congratulations. it’s always hard work increasing RSS readership, great job!

  • Harsh

    Hey alfred ,
    Hope u remeber me, Nice job dude , Keep up the good work !!

  • #1: You, honestly, have a great tech blog!! No wonder that you now have half a ton subscribers LOL
    Thumbs up for this

    #2: This also great contest, and of course easy to enter contest. Looking forward to receive the winner notification from you ^–^ Two thumbs up!!

    #3: I’m already made a post on my blog about your contest as appreciates for your great contest. Blogged at

  • Norberto

    Grat site and great new letter….!
    Keep it up.

  • Santhosh Paul

    I don’t remember which post induced me to subscribe to your RSS feed. I’ve tried to trace this original post, the “Adam and Eve” post as it were, but the memory trace has been wiped out. It was around the time you took a massive hit from the floods. That struck a chord because I had the same experience once in my boyhood. (I now remember that Google Reader suggested your blog, but I still don’t remember which is the post I read that persuaded me to subscribe.)

    I subscribe to very few blogs, so I guess you could call me selective. What I like about this blog is that it is indeed technical, but not too technical. A tech blog, true, but not for techies alone. For me, it hits the sweet spot, and makes my digital life more pleasurable.

    All kinds of utilities can be turned up on the Net with a few clicks of the mouse. But it’s nice to know that a particular piece of software has been given the once-over by a knowledgeable person.

    The utility I like best among the ones you suggested is the folder protector. I use GnuCash, a wonderful personal finance program that, however, does not include password protection. I now use the program you suggested (MyLockBox) to protect the folders containing my financial data files.

    I also think it’s great that in these recession-hit times a *student* is giving away cash to promote his blog. That kind of dedication is inspiring for those of us who’d like to begin our own blogs but get bogged down by extraneous stuff.

    I also wish you a *safe* aviation training stint in the Philippines. Don’t fall out of the sky, dude. :smile: :smile:

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