Best Disposable Email service

Every forum and website registration will require you to click and activation link to setup an account. Over time you will notice that your email id starts receiving a lot of spam. This is because some of these sites sell email address list to buyers for marketing.

If you are signing up for a professional or important service it is always a good idea to give the correct email address in case you face any issues like forgetting your password etc. For normal forum or site registrations that are not important, it is best to use a disposable email service. We had written about BugMeNot, but Thrashmail’s service is even better.

Thrashmail is one of the best disposable email services available on the Internet. It is feature rich, easy to use and of course free. Unlike other disposable email services, you don’t have to visit a separate website to open the emails.

Thrashmail allows you to create a custom email address with any username and a choice of 11 domains. Any emails that comes to this new address will be forwarded to your real email ID. This way your actual email address is hidden from the registration service.

They also have settings that allows you to choose how many emails should be forwarded to you and how long this disposable email address should be valid. This prevents spam from the disposable id being forwarded to your real email ID.

There is a Firefox addon and a Chrome extension to make this whole process easier.

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Best Disposable Email service
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