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Gmail Priority Inbox – Sort Important Emails

Gmail is undoubtedly one of the best email service on the internet. It free, fast, has an awesome spam filter, expanding disk space, free POP3 access and a ton of other features that can be activated from Google Labs.

There is a must read comic from The Oatmeal that show What you email address says about your computer skills. Be sure to read it, its funny and bound to make u laugh.

Now Google is making its email service even better by adding a new feature called Priority Inbox. No this is not some paid service they are starting up !

Priority Inbox introduces automatic sorting of emails depending on it priority to you. So that you can read all the important emails before going through promotional or marketing ones. Gmail starts giving priority to people you reply to, this way emails you are waiting for a reply to will show up first in your Inbox.

The introduction video for Priority Inbox is really good and shows you what this is about.

The feature should be rolled out in a week’s time, hope you guys are looking forward to it as much as I am.

Gmail Priority Inbox – Sort Important Emails
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    It’s a good features introduce by Google and it’s remind to user these are important mails.