How to get back a hacked Gmail account

A friend of mine lost his Gmail account to a hacker today. The hacker changed his secret question and secondary email to new ones. Once these two things are changed, you cannot get back your account through the forgot password tool. That is when he asked me what to do….

Well, Gmail has a special page to report such incidents when someone hacks into your account.

This page can be accessed at https://services.google.com/inquiry/gmail_security1.

The Gmail Team considers numerous data points when determining original account ownership in a hijacking case. In addition to the information requested on the form, you can also include the following information to help them process your claim.

  1. The email addresses of up to 3 Frequently Mailed Contacts
  2. The names of up to 3 Labels
  3. Any other Google services you used with this account and the date you started using each one
  4. Your ip-address

You can also resubmit the form later if you find any additional information that would help them investigate. This process is said to take about 4-10 days.

Do let me know if this worked for you by leaving a comment on this post.

How to get back a hacked Gmail account
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