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Use any Instant Messenger Online without any software

Nowadays most offices and schools have started blocking Instant Messenger’s (IM) with firewalls and content filters. I have done the same in my office but there are ways to beat this block. The easiest being using an online web app that allows you to login to your IM service without the need for software.

I’m going to show you two web services that allow you login to your IM without the need for any software. allows you to connect to AOL, MSN, GTalk & Yahoo Messenger. The contact list will appear just as they do when you log into the normal IM program. You can also set your online status.

ILoveIM Screenshot is another service that also lets your login to IM’s. You can also signup for GlobalIM, which stores all your username and passwords for different services, so that you don’t have to do it every time. Again contact lists are organised by IM client. They also offer Global Link which you can give out to friends or attach as your email signature. Upon clicking the link they can chat with you through a web-based chat.

IMUnitive Screenshot

Try these out and please do leave a comment if you like or dislike them..

Use any Instant Messenger Online without any software
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