Use Email Templates in Gmail – How to

In our previous post, we were giving away 50 Free Licenses for Comodo Internet Security Pro. To be sure that the licenses were not being sent to fake email addresses, we sent one mail asking the winners to reply to the email before we sent them the license code. So that’s 2 emails per winner X 50 winners = 100 emails to be sent. Copy pasting the template proved quite a hassle but it led me to email templates in Gmail.

How to Use Email Templates in Gmail

Gmail labs has a feature that allows you to make email templates that can be used to instantly reply to common emails.

To Access the Gmail Labs we need to click on the Green Test Tube on the right corner of Gmail. On this page Enable the Canned Responses feature. Click Save Changes.

Now that the Canned Responses feature is available for our use, we are ready to setup some email templates.

Click Compose Mail or open an email you would like to reply to. Enter the message and click on the Canned responses button (appears below the Subject line). Gmail will now save the contents of the message you typed as a email template.

To use the template again in another email, just click Canned Responses and choose the template to insert.

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Use Email Templates in Gmail – How to
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