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12GB free online storage with sync capability

The most popular free online storage service is Skydrive, which offers a whooping 25GB of space for free. Now, who is going to manually upload 25GB worth of files through a web browser ! Skydrive Explorer allowed accessing it like a network drive but even that was slow and unpredictable.

We had written about Glide Gdrive which offers 30GB of online space. Glide is a whole cloud computing package and can be quite interesting if that is what you are looking for. If you just want to store and back files online then the best service we have found till now is iDrive.

iDrive is an online storage and backup service that gives you 12GB of storage for your files. The first time you visit iDrive it just shows you a 2GB quota for free members. However once you register, you are given an option to spread the word about iDrive by letting them send promotional emails to your contacts. Fill it up and your account will get an additional 10GB worth of online storage absolutely free.

So besides the 12GB space, what does iDrive have to offer ?

It allows your to automatically backup selected files and folders. Folders can also be set to sync so that it remains the same and the contents of your computer. It automatically selectes My Documents to back but this can be changed to the folders you prefer.

Once you have chosen the folder you wish to backup I recommed you head to options and set the threshold for Bandwidth Usage when the computer is in use. This ensures that the backup process does not slow down your internet activities. Click the backup button to start a backup, alternatively you have schedule a backup that can start at a time when the computer is not in use.

iDrive can also allow you to restore different versions of the backup you made to their servers. This is a very helpful utility if you accidentally modified or deleted a file.

Features of iDrive

  • Automatic Selection
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  • True Archiving / Sync
  • Open/Locked File Backup
  • Mapped Drive Backup
  • IDrive Explorer
  • Search and Restore
  • Time-Line Restore
  • Versioning
  • Retrieve data from any location
  • Web Based Backup Management
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • 128-bit SSL encryption on transfers
  • 256-bit AES encryption on storage
  • Scheduled backup even if system is logged off

Try iDrive

12GB free online storage with sync capability
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  • Emil

    Man, if someone I knew gave my contact info away on the internet just to get 10 GB of cloud storage, I would kick their fucking ass….

  • korean entertainment lover

    wow,i have to try this,its a good news

  • iDrive gives 12GB online storage with backup services.i like that iDrive choose automatically backup files from your computer give you good storage capacity,scheduled backup if system is off,retrieve data easily even not issue regarding data loss.Great!

  • Paraffin

    I can’t use any on line service that doesn’t allow me to use any password I want.. Not being able to use characters in password is silly….

  • corleone


    I tried It offer big spaces low fee. It has many tutorials to show you how to configure your backup. You can configure as a schedule backup, like a drive on your computer and FTP.

  • terrybig,

    ZenOK online backup gives 2GB free online storage, I like zenok works in the background and automatically, I’ve had not problem with. it works great.

  • Good article! The spirit of sharing is really impressive, and I want to share this article to my friends!

  • SheenArriane

    great to know there are a lot of online storage companies out there which offers free plan. I have tried most of them too and i must say each has its own pros and cons. I am currently with OpenDrive. It gave me 5GB of free space but already gave me a lot of features which other only offered in paid plans. I can put watermark on each photo I upload via OpenDrive, edit online and share easily. although i do not get anything in return for sharing their website, I would still promote them as the service has been good to me so far