Glide Gdrive – 30GB online storage for free

Most of us knew about Microsoft’s Skydrive which offered 25GB of free online storage. Skydrive has its restrictions like 50MB max file size and a bad uploader which doesn’t function as we would like it to. The other option was to setup Skydrive FTP like connection that you could use through My Computer to transfer files.

Glide Society has come up with Gdrive which offers 30 GB of free online storage space without any of the restrictions that Skydrive has. It is an advertisment free, cloud computing solution that can be used by upto 6 different people in one account.

Glide comes with a full suite of application to help you with cloud computing. It features all the essential PIM functions like calendar, contacts, photo editor, meeting manager, media player and a host of other functions. You can also create and host basic websites on Glide for free !

The best part I liked about Glide is its ability to Sync data with the online storage. This means I dont have to manually check and update every time something changes in my backup folders. There is a twitter like function in Glide called Engage though I doubt it will ever take off.

To use glide you will need Flash. The app loads quite fast and has a smooth feel while using it. Glide is also accesible from mobile phones by accessing glidemobile.com.

Glide does offer more storage, their premium plan offers 250GB for around 49$/year. he basic service is free without any restrictions so go ahead and setup a Glide account.

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Glide Gdrive – 30GB online storage for free
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