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Windows Live SkyDrive – 25GB online storage space

Live SkydriveThere are many free Internet services that makes it easier to share our documents and media files. I was using mediamax’s service for online file storage till the day I needed to download a file urgently and I was out of download limit.

Somehow I wasn’t comfortable storing my files with companies that arent trust-able and wouldnt keep my data secure and so I never tried any other services. I heard that Skydrive had increased its limit to 1GB of online storage space and decided to give it a try.

Windows Live SkyDrive is part of Microsoft’s Windows Live family, but it lacks connections to other Microsoft services such as Hotmail, MSN Messenger, and the Live Spaces blogging service. You receive 1 GB of free password protected online storage space where you can store any type of file.

Live Skydrive Folders The online storage space is divided into

  • Personal Folders – only you can view the files in this folder, after logging in with your Live ID
  • Shared Folders – people you invite can see Shared folders, they need a Live ID to login too
  • Public Folders – anyone on the Internet can view these files

For now I’m happy with Live Skydrive but I do miss options like media streaming and image slideshows offered by other services. Now I wonder what Google is going to come out with to compete with this service, hmmm…

Windows Live SkyDrive – 25GB online storage space
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