Cubicle Alarm System

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I stumbled upon this gadget today and had a real laugh watching the video…

ThinkGeek has introduced the Shooting Cubicle Alarm System to help you protect your cubicle while you are away.

It consists of three alarm devices. The first is a basic alarm that goes off when someone crosses the invisible beam. It also activates Alarms 2 & 3. Alarm 2 is louder than Alarm 1 and also has a red light beam. Alarm three shoots mini missiles to shoo the intruder away.

You really must watch the video, its really funny.

For those of you that liked Alarm 3, this gadget might interest you.

The Desktop USB Missile Launcher.
This desktop missile launcher uses pressurized air to shoot three foam projectiles up to 10′, and unlike lesser models, this one does not require the use of batteries and is powered by a PC via USB cable. The included software CD installs a control panel on your computer, allowing you to swivel the launcher 180° and tilt 45°, and shoot missiles at unsuspecting targets at the touch of a button. Available at Hammacher.

Cubicle Alarm System
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