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ezKey – Mouse + Numpad

eZKEY Numpad Mouse is ideal for those who need a mouse and a numpad for quick calculations.


Especially useful for those on the go or even those with a laptop that does not have a number keypad, the eZKEY has a simple flip-and-use access for quick additions and calculations while once the clear flip-top is lowered in place, it works and feels just like a regular mouse.

ezKey – Mouse + Numpad
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  • flicker

    so simple i cant believe no one has thought of it before. defenatly good for a laptop

  • phillip

    love it but i think i needssome work for speed etc like you need to move the plastic up along way and then move your hand back round under it
    , not to sure but maby a flap opening to the left would be easyer

    im tempted to sugest wireless but laptop wifi is not allways as good an idea as it sounds

  • Alfred

    Omg 10,000 hits for this single page. stumbleupon rocks :D

  • Gill

    Brilliant idea. :)

  • ace
  • David


    Two technologies.
    1) Bluetooth. My work laptop has it built in. I also have a bluetooth mouse which works quite well.
    2) IR. Been around for a while. Logitec is making mouses with the recieving units smaller than your average USB flash drive. I own the VX Revolution, and it’s a great mouse.

    For the sanity of this place, I’ll avoid going into a WiFi rant, but WiFi is NOT the optimal data transfer mechanism for a mouse.

  • djsquelch

    this is a great concept. i like the fact that it has a cover for no accidental button contact. it is unfortunate that many laptops do not have a number pad as most traditional keyboards do. having this would resolve a lot of inconveniences. it would also make a number of games easier to play! ;)

  • Another Great post. Best wishes with your blog.