Four Fantastic Gadgets for Traveling Anywhere

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Whether you are heading to the regional business meeting or going on vacation, traveling can be a hassle, or it can be fun—or at least enjoyable. It all depends on why you’re traveling and the things you take with you to keep you efficient, entertained or simply informed. There are just a few of the fantastic gadgets that make your time away—either on the other side of the country or the other side of town—a little easier.

1: Mophie Juice Pack Air(tm): This little gadget can double your use time of your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS device. Secretly packing a rechargeable spare battery, this hard case complements your dead battery with another that you’ve charged and lets you extend your playing, texting, talking or working. Toggle between stand-by and active mode with just a flick of a switch: You don’t waste any of your battery’s charge waiting for your phone to realize you aren’t using it at the moment, and that further extends your charge.

By the way, this ‘certified by Apple’ gadget coordinates with smart phone technology to drain the Juice Pack battery before it accesses the iPhone’s own battery, which greatly extends your phone’s native battery life.

Charge and synch the device with iTunes without disconnecting Juice Pack or simply use a USB cable, and its status indicator lets you know precisely how much power the Juice Pack has left: Just touch a button, and all guesswork is removed.

2: Gorillapod: This adjustable, bendable camera tripod adjusts to different heights, levels and surfaces. While most tripods require uniform leveling for its legs and a flat surface, not so with Gorillapod. Even if you don’t have a surface at the desired height, you can still get the picture you want: Just wrap the legs around sign posts, poles, tree trunks or branches, for instance, the click to your heart’s content.

The Gorillapod comes in two sizes. The standard size is good for most digital cameras, and the larger, sturdier one is fully capable of handling the size and bulk of most SLR cameras.

3: Walkin’ Bag: Every luggage manufacturer out there makes portable luggage—suitcases on wheels. Most meet the size requirements for carry-on capabilty. But how many of them provide not just a suitcase but a chair and table, too?

Exactly—none. Except Walkin’ Bag provides all three. As you truck across acres of airport walkways, corridors and gates, take a break. Pull down the foldable seat and give your legs and back a rest. Never be without a place to sit in a crowded waiting area again. Never be without that leg rest or a desk for some quick work again either. Pack your clothes in the Walkin’ Bag next time, and take a seat or work, read, play games on your iPad or laptop and free your lap.

4: Grid-It: Don’t worry about how many electronic gadgets you want to take on your next trip. Keep your devices, USB and charging cords organized and present. Take along your memory stick and not worry about losing it. Grid-It will keep them all snugly and securely.

Grid-It is an insert small enough for laptop cases or small suitcases. It’s elastic-weave design allows you to insert your gadgets, chargers and other sundry whatnots in the loops that keep them secure, available and, especially important when traveling anywhere, available. This one is an absolute Must Have travel gadget. Even if you’re just traveling with your cell phone, laptop or iPad from one room to another, keep your gadgets and cords organized and accessible!

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Four Fantastic Gadgets for Traveling Anywhere
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