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HTC Touch – My new phone

After about 3 years of service it was finally time to say goodbye to my beloved Motorola V3i. After a hundred reviews, I decided to buy the HTC Touch. The Touch is the closest competitor for the iPhone which is not yet available in India.


The Touch uses a difference kind of touch screen to achieve finger-friendliness, especially gesture-awareness by using Touch Flow. It runs Windows Mobile 6 Professional on a 201MHz processor with the standard 64 megs of RAM and 128 megs of flash ROM. The box comes with 1GB ram card which should suffice for now. Other features include WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and a 2 megapixel camera.


I tried the Wifi as soon as I reached home and was able to connect effortlessly with my wifi router.

The one con that I hear people say is the lack of a keypad to help with text messaging. I found that the included Transcriber (handwriting recognition) feature was more than enough to write sms’s with a stylus. For those who dont like using a stylus, I guess they should buy the SPB Full Screen Keyboard.

HTC Touch – My new phone
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  • Alfred

    You can also check out Venu’s Review below

  • Keith Dsouza

    Nice Phone, I am planning to buy a iPhone this December lets see how it goes, though I have seen it. I am still skeptical at this point as it would be useless to me in India.

  • Alfred

    iPhone would have been my preference if it was available here but for now im really happy with the HTC.
    Since it uses Windows Mobile 6, there is loads of software available.

    Anyways good choice Keith

  • Alfred

    I dont know about any software other than ActiveSync.
    You can ask this question on the xda forums, they will know everything related to these phones.

  • Lalit


  • mahesh

    I am unable to play any vai format with HTC touch plz help me out

  • tarak

    Please let me know the latest price.
    I am in mumbai.

  • Sujit

    whats the latest price of HTC touch in pune, india

  • Vishesh Parekh

    Anybody can give me a web site for getting a GPS software on my HTC 4350 [ will it work?]

  • Hi,
    So nice to find your blog through this article. I too did one of the reviews and talked about my love for the Blackberry because of the great texting abilities.
    However, there is no camera so I am glad to know that AT&T carries the HTC Touch and will definitely look into it when my contract comes up.

  • Vaidu

    Hi Alfred,

    I am planning on buying the HTC Touch. I know it’s kinda out dated now. But it fits my bill very well.
    I had a few doubts though.

    Is the phone really slow? Heard so in some forums.
    I am using a Nokia 5500. Any idea how slow would the Touch be compared it (or any of the same generation Symbian phones)?

    What about the Customer Service/Service Centres for HTC in Mumbai, India?

  • sam

    leave a comment ? i havnt read all…

  • dr d ray

    hi alfred ,wth my htc touch ,whnevr I try instl’ng any software ,keep getting a screen msg ”not enough disk space”.tough freed space in memory.wat can i do??pl help

  • The biggest problem i have faced with the HTC touch, is the inbuilt phone memory. Its too small. If you install a few new programs on your memory card, you will find that the phone memory has also reduced a lot.

    The only solution that I have used it Custom Roms. You can find many custom Roms on xda forums.

    Most of them have stripped out the unnecessary things so that you can have more space for phone memory. Thats the only advice i can give

  • shashi kumar

    Recently I buy a htc touch window mobile phone after many mobile use, it is a Pocket PC thank htc but I want to install simple home budget software How to install please give detail instruction.

    chandigarh, India.

  • Finansist.PDA v1.1

    Copy cab file to storage card, run the file on your phone using file explorer.
    If you would like other software just try searching google for something like “windows mobile free budget software”

  • Connect online shop

    very nice blog :) I am using HTC Touch Diamond and it works very good…Now I am planning to shift on other HTC product and like this model very much. Thanks for the blog :)

  • vishal

    hi.actully i just need to know that.i have htc touch p3450. compny provide 2gb expending capacity. but when tried to use the 8gb card in that. it works. so suggest me that is it warm for my cell phone r nt? coz i m facing the only one pro with this h;s. less of memory. can i able to use 8gb card with my cell. pls reply soon on my mail i.d. i love my htc touch. waiting.

  • manoj lakhotiya

    my htc touch hasbeen locked i dont know how it is locked,
    but in locking mode my incoming calls are receiveble ,screen ,display shows but when i press unlock a messege appear press “cancel” then press “unlock” how can solve this problem pls help me
    i am using airtel sim
    pls give me solution any one