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Soft drink powered phone – Nokia Green Phone

Chinese designer Daizi Zheng has come up with a concept mobile phone that can be recharged using soft drinks. Zheng reportedly was inspired by bio-batteries which generate electricity from carbo-hydrates found in soft drinks.

This is a concept phone that is being designed for Nokia ! Also known as the Nokia Green Phone. Bio batteries powering the phone will only need any sugary drink. Enzymes are used to turn the drink into water and oxygen which powers the cell phone.

The bio battery can run three to four times longer than regular batteries and is also completely biodegradeable (coke duh !).

Enough of me trying to talk more about it. Just head over Coke-Powered Phone and read the actual report.

Soft drink powered phone – Nokia Green Phone
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    Thank you for the tip! Always good to get great information.

  • Stephen Reis

    So I guess coke and pepsi were useful after all. Expect Pepsi to change its slogan to “powers the new generation” in a few years time.

  • Cuisinart Grill

    I can’t wait until all phones are easier to charger. Imagine it. You run out of battery on a night out, so you simply order a vodka and lemonade, pour it all over your phone and neck the rest.


    Great review too!


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    I actually had not learned this until right now.