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Toshiba SCiB Batteries

Toshiba has announced the release of it SCiB Batteries (Super Charge ion Batteries).


These batteries can be charged to 90% in 5 minutes and can be recharged more than 5,000 times. That is about 10 years of battery life.

The battery is going to be used in electric cars from March 2008. The battery will come as a boon to electric vehicle users as the charging time is very less.

Toshiba has used lithium titanate in the batteries so that they won’t explode or catch fire.

Toshiba SCiB Batteries
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  • JD

    A very good news on the battery technology after a long time, the pace with which technology is moving and the need for longer battery life was creating a huge gap.

    Please post some more info if possible, like are they going to be more portable or not, whats the discharge time, are they going to hold more change then the regular li-ion batts, is it recyclable etc..

  • Alfred

    This is all the info I found, we will have to wait till March 08 when they start selling them.
    Why do I get the feeling you are going to use the batteries for spiking your audio system :twisted:

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