Worlds most expensive phone – Iphone 3G Supreme

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Ever wondered what the expensive phone in the world is ? It’s the iPhone. No we aren’t kidding ! This custom made iPhone for an Australian businessman is the most expensive mobile phone in the world.

It has been nicknamed the iPhone 3G Supreme and is made by Stuart Hughes using over 200 diamonds and 22 carat gold (271 grams).

The front panel boasts of 136 diamonds at 68 carats. At the back there is an Apple logo which is again made from 51 diamonds. The navigation button is made of a rare 7 carat diamond that took over 10 months to procure.

Now how would you pack something that is so expensive ? It comes in a 7kg chest that was carved from a single granite stone, offset with Kashmire gold and Nebuck leather lining on the inside.

How much does it cost, I want one ?

It just cost Hughes around 3.2 million dollars to make this iPhone 3G Supreme.

Hmm I wonder can he change the cover and upgrade from IPhone 3G to 3GS ? Hehe

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Worlds most expensive phone – Iphone 3G Supreme
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