Battlefield 3 – Battlelog cannot see ping – Fix

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Battlefield is another bar raising FPS game from DICE. Battlefield 3 uses Battlelog to enable players to get into multiplayer maps. Sometimes the ping for these servers are not shown by Battlelog. Joining a high ping server will result in the player lagging and getting shot at even though he has moved away. Its important to join servers with the lowest possible ping times.

If you are facing the problem of not seeing ping in Battlelog, it is probably because ICMPv4 is being blocked. We don’t need to go into the technicality of what it is but the blocks are usually in place to prevent hackers from flooding the system with ping requests. There are 2 places where ICMPv4 is usually blocked. The Windows firewall generally keeps it blocked, sometimes your router may also do this but it is uncommon.

How to Fix Battlelog cant see ping response in Battlefield 3

We are going to enable ping response in Windows 7. Follow the steps below to create a rule to enable it.

  • Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Windows Firewall with Advanced security (alternatively type firewall in start menu and choose from results)
  • Now go to Inbound Rules
  • Click New Rule
  • Now choose Custom Rule
  • Choose All Programs
  • From the protocols and ports list choose ICMPv4
  • Choose Any IP Address
  • Choose Allow Connection
  • Click Domain and Private (Public is optional but not required)
  • Give it a name like Battlefield 3 ICMP and save it.
  • Ping should now work in battlelog once browser is restarted
Sometimes the ping might not show when looking at games. Click the reload button on the browser and the ping should be visible again. Also sending too many refresh of servers might disable ping temporarily.
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Battlefield 3 – Battlelog cannot see ping – Fix
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