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Best Gold Making Guide for Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is definitely the best MMORPG to come out after the WoW series. It does not have any subscription fees making it a huge hit with gamers. However it does feature a GEM store that allows players to buy gems with real money and convert them to gold in guild wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 has a very different auction house. The trading post is universal; all the servers connect to the same trading post ! This means for any given item, there are thousands of sales happening every second. For a player coming from World Of Warcraft, the trading post will seem very unfamiliar. Guild Wars also does not have any addons to help with gold making from the auction house. Prices of items can be manipulated slightly but will come back to their normal rates within an hour or two. All this means that we need a different strategy than the usual competition undercutting. The golden rule of buy low, sell high still works well here. The trick is to not make a loss while doing it.

Trading Post Gold Making in Guild Wars 2 – Mistakes Players Make

Prices of most items (other than armor, weapons, dyes, pets,etc ) are in copper. Every copper matters when there are big quantities at play. If you have noticed the trading post while levelling up, its common to see that blue weapons and armor are often sold at 1c above vendor price. These players think that they are making a profit of 1c by selling higher than the vendor price ! This is absolutely wrong. Why ? Read on

The Trading Post in Guild Wars 2 has a listing fees of 5% of the item and 10% if the sale is through. This is a fees of 15% on every item you sell on the auction house. Always remember to account for the 15% when buying items and selling them for profit on the auction house.

You can use the trading post calculator found at to see how much profit you can make by buying an items at a certain price and reselling it for higher. Suddenly you realize that all those delicious opportunities you thought you had aren’t that great after all.

Gold Making Guide for Guild Wars 2 – GW2 Trading Post Guide

 Starting to make gold in Guild Wars 2

To start playing with the trading post in GW2, you will need a few gold to buy items to resell at higher prices. Now, some of you may not have the gold but remember all those crafting materials you deposited in the bank ? Go ahead and sell them ! You might say, I need it for crafting. Crafting right now is a gold sink, even if you wanted to craft you can buy the mats after we have made some gold from the auction house. Once you have sold the crafting materials you will definitely have some gold to start playing with the trading post. Alternatively you have run dungeons and save up some gold.

In Guild Wars 2 the bank and trading post if the same for all your characters. Its easy to get confused with the amount of gold you pumped into the trading post and profit made. I would suggest making an alt and getting him to the trading post in a city. Give him some capital by depositing gold into the bank and withdrawing with the alt. Play the trading post on with the alt and you will know how much you made from questing / dungeons on the main and how much you got by playing with the trading post on the alt.

What do I buy and sell

This is a tricky one. There is no specific item to buy and sell. It all depends on the current market situation which is changing every few seconds. Even if I did tell you an item, hundreds of players will try to play that item and it will no longer be profitable. You need to find the items on your own but I will give you a few tips for finding them. Search for crafting materials and set the rarity at blue. This will show a lot of crafting materials that not too many players use. Check availability of the items on the trading post, be aware than many times it will show low number of items available but when you click the item there are hundreds of it.

The highest number of items bought and sold are crafting materials. This is a no brainer but the most traded items are usually harder to make gold with. So, search the trading post for crafting materials. See how much players are selling an item for and how much buyers are willing to pay for it (click the place a buy order). You might see a few player buying item for 14c, a few for 13c, more for 12c and thousands at 11c. While the same item is being sold at 16c, 17c, 18c, etc. For this example lets place a buy order for a 100 of those items at 8c. Wait for some time and you will have those items bought (order filled). Now resell them on the trading post for 12c and you made yourself some profit !

Entering the buy and sell prices in the calculator shows how much you can profit from the deal. If you feel confident, place order for a thousand items and resell them. In the picture above its clear that buying an item at 12c, means you need to sell it at 14c to get back the same amount you spent. So anything higher that the break even price will net you a profit. Playing without calculating this is the reason most players loose gold on the trading post in Guild Wars 2.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Play with different items and spread your orders. The market is always changing, sometimes I might take a long time for some buy orders to fill up or the value of an item might go down when you want to resell it. Don’t worry the prices usually come back to the median in a few hours.

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 Advanced Tips to make gold in guild wars 2

The minipet and dyes market need a proper understanding of the value of items to play them and is beyond the scope of this guide to explain it. A small explanation is given though.

Minipets value is dependent on the cuteness of the pets not the rarity in most cases ! The gem store sells a minipet pack which gives you 3 minipets, one being rare. If the gold to gem rate is low, buy gems with gold, buy minipet pack with gems and then sell the minipet for profit. Again study the market carefully before you gamble.

Buy 70+ rares from the auction house selling cheaper than 17s. Salvage it with the best salvage kit and you will always receive 1+ Globs of Ectoplasm which sell for atleast 19s on the trading post.

If you have quite a bit of gold to play with buy cheap rares from trading post and combine them in the mystic forge. 20% chance of receiving an exotic to resell on trading post. This is a gamble and must be done with high level rares but can net insane profits with right items.

Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Calculator

You can download my spreadsheet and use it to calculate the profitability of items and track stocks. It is a basic spreadsheet that can be improved as required.

Best Gold Making Guide for Guild Wars 2
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