NFS Shift Crash Fix – Need For Speed : Shift

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We heard that many people are having problems with NFS Shift on the PC. The crashes seem to happen after the game starts. This can be fixed with the following few steps.

Go through each part, you never know which part was causing the problem.

For those who dont know what NFS is… Need for Speed: Shift is the 13th installment of the long-running racing video game franchise Need for Speed; published by Electronic Arts.

NFS Shift Crash Fix

1 ) Nvidia PhysX seems to be one of the reasons why the game crashes, even if you have the latest version. To fix this, insert the NFS shift CD, look for the PhysX folder and install it.

2 ) In settings choose the controller device preset that you are using (it might be set to Xbox controller)

3 ) Graphic settings might be causing the problem. In this case open the folder C:\users\yourusername\documents\NFS SHIFT\

Delete the graphicsconfig.xml file located in this folder. Restart game and try if its fixed.

4 ) Turn of SLI or Xfire if your computer is using it.

5 ) If it still doesn’t work you will have to play on low resolution and details using the method given below.

Again open C:\users\yourusername\documents\NFS SHIFT\

Open the file graphicsconfig.xml in Notepad (open Notepad, drag and drop the file into it). Edit the file and replace the contents with the following.

?xml version=”1.0″ ?>
<class name=”BRTTIRefCount” base=”root class” />
<class name=”BPersistent” base=”BRTTIRefCount”>
<prop name=”Name” type=”String” />
<class name=”GraphicConfigData” base=”BPersistent”>
<prop name=”Mode” type=”Fct” />
<prop name=”Vsync” type=”Fct” />
<prop name=”Windowed” type=”Fct” />
<prop name=”TextureFilter” type=”Fct” />
<prop name=”TextureResolution” type=”Fct” />
<prop name=”Brightness” type=”Fct” />
<prop name=”CarDetailLevel” type=”Fct” />
<prop name=”TrackDetailLevel” type=”Fct” />
<prop name=”ShadowDetailLevel” type=”Fct” />
<prop name=”MotionblurLevel” type=”Fct” />
<prop name=”EffectsDetailLevel” type=”Fct” />
<data id=”0xBB11E0″>
<prop name=”Name” data=”” />
<prop name=”Mode” adapter=”0″ width=”1024″ height=”768″ antialias=”8″ refresh=”75″ />
<prop name=”Vsync” vsync=”0″ />
<prop name=”Windowed” windowed=”0″ />
<prop name=”TextureFilter” texturefilter=”0″ />
<prop name=”TextureResolution” textureresolution=”0″ />
<prop name=”Brightness” brightness=”10″ />
<prop name=”CarDetailLevel” cardetaillevel=”0″ />
<prop name=”TrackDetailLevel” trackdetaillevel=”0″ />
<prop name=”ShadowDetailLevel” shadowdetaillevel=”0″ />
<prop name=”MotionblurLevel” motionblurLevel=”0″ />
<prop name=”EffectsDetailLevel” effectsdetaillevel=”2″ />

This should fix the crashes. Once the game is up and running, try changing the settings in the game till you find a good balance. This last tip was taken from johnmunch at EA forums.

You can find more help at the EA forums but this post should contain all the steps needed to fix the crashes.

NFS Shift Crash Fix – Need For Speed : Shift
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