Overwatch Lucio Ball Must Know Tips and Tricks

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Overwatch has released a new brawl to celebrate the summer games. Overwatch Lucio Ball is the first one and it is very similar to Rocket League if you have played it before. There are some very important tips that can improve you chances at winning this brawl.

Summer Games – Overwatch Lucio Ball Must know Tips

  1. Always have a goalie. If you spawn next to the goal, stay and play defense. One well placed shot from the other side of the field is enough to score a goal.
  2. Use the orange areas on the map to jump. The orange areas are jump boosters.
  3. Use you AMP IT UP to run faster and shoot better. Save it for when you really need it.
  4. Use wall running to move faster. Use AMP IT UP while wall running to move even faster !
  5. Your ultimate pull the ball towards you. If you are next to their goal and a defender sends it away, use you ultimate the ball will come back to you. If you use it right in front of their goal and there is not defender, it will be a guaranteed goal.
  6. Use the left mouse click to save safe incoming balls. Then line up your aim and shoot the ball to the opposite goal. Chances are you will score because the enemy team isnt defending.
  7. AIM upwards to make the ball go higher

Watch the video to see the Overwatch Lucio Ball Summer Games Brawl tips in action.

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If you have any other tips, please share it with us in the comments below.

Overwatch Lucio Ball Must Know Tips and Tricks
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