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Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 – Cannon bug fix

PC gamers were quite disappointed with the bug that they faced during “The Salvation” mission in Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2. A battery required to operate the cannon would not be intractable and players would not be able to continue the game. In this post I hope to show you how to solve this bug, tried and tested it and works perfectly.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 – Cannon bug How to fix

  1. Restart the game
  2. Load the save game
  3. Instead of choosing continue, choose “select level”
  4. Start “The salvation” level
  5. You might want to start the level on easy mode since you might take quite a bit of damage.
  6. Go to the room where you need to pull the battery from a cannon to open the door.
  7. Do not engage any enemies in the next room, run directly to the cannon in the next room and pull it out
  8. Now you can finish off the enemies and continue your game.
  9. Ensure you do not die till you reach this point in the game, else it might bug again.

I have tried and tested this on the PC version of the game and it works. If you want to add any advice or tips, feel free to do so by leaving a comment below.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 – Cannon bug fix
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    Thats a small video of the battery being used

  • Dean

    nice one! made my day!

  • remi online

    finally i found what is the problem with the game..i feel relieved.

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    thank you realli helped me alot

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    Thanks mate, definitely helped me out here

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    Grazie Mille!

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  • whitenight21

    Never did work for me, so i restarted the level. Wasnt that long.
    Then, in the room previous to the gun rooms, its a large circular room, once I defeated everyone, I noticed an extra battery, so i just took it all the way to the broken gun. Its not far at all.
    Then when you get to the first gun room, where you should take out the battery from the gun to open the door, use the battery you brought, and then save the battery in the gun for the broken one after everyone is defeated.
    In the end, you dont even have to bother with the battery that wont come out of the gun.
    And you can continue.

  • David

    Je commençais à me demander si j’allais pas tirer Lucasarts en procès

    Thanks a lot

  • teratosis

    If you do this and change the difficulty any progress you have made will be erased! Thanks for the good advice, and no thanks for not mentioning that other fact. errr

  • MaX

    Baaaaaaahahahaha, to think I was starting to feel real’dumb!!!
    I even tryed to stuck 1 of the big boxes, on the 1st door, to get the batery from the previous room xD

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    thnx dude very helpful tip

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