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Uncharted 3 Loading Screen Stuck – Spinning Ring Freeze Fix

Uncharted 3, the best of Drake’s series from Naughty Dog is known to get stuck on the loading screen while showing a spinning ring. The game could be running smoothly the first few times and this loading problem can start randomly. It is known to load to the initial main menu and then get stuck while loading the save game / continue option.


Solutions for fixing black loading screen hang in Uncharted 3

1) Backup the save game to a USB disk.

2) Delete the install / game data for Uncharted 3. Browse to Game Data Utility > Uncharted 3 > Press triangle and delete

3) Start the game it should reinstall the game data correcting any issues.

4) The game should start, if it does not, load another game and play it for a few minutes.

5) Restart PS3 and start Uncharted 3. Wait 5 minutes and the game should complete loading.

6) If there was a power outage while playing you should consider running the file system restoration on the PS3.

7) If none of the above work, update the game to the latest version and restart from step 2 of this guide.

8) For those running this game from backups, copy it to the internal drive and deselect bdmirror. (Not tested personally)

See our black screen errors on PS3 guide to fix common errors for other games.

Any other solutions that worked for any of you ? Share it in the comments and help other players.

Uncharted 3 Loading Screen Stuck – Spinning Ring Freeze Fix
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