World of Warcraft Gold Guide using Auctioneer

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We have a new updated Gold Making  Guide for Mists of Panderia. Be sure to read that for the current tips and tools for making gold in WoW

I have been playing World of Warcraft since it came out about 4 years ago. Since then I have always used auctioneer but never really understood its potential to make a lot of gold. Recently I stopped playing WOW, and when I returned I realised that my account was hacked, characters moved to new realms, all gold gone and most of the gear destroyed. Blizzard refused to reverse the changes made to my account. So, I was stuck with a level 28 Horde Shaman with 10g. Over the past 2-3 weeks, I have been using Auctioneer to make money as I have no high level character. The results have been amazing, my lvl 58 shaman now has more than 4000g and lots of items for sale on AH. This guide uses enchanting to make money too. So, let me share how I do this… Please if this helps you leave a comment here.

WoW Gold making Guide using Auctioneer

First of all we need to have auctioneer addon installed. Download it at curse.

Next head over to the AH and do a scan. To do a scan open the AH and press the play button on top of the screen.

Note you need to scan for about a week before you start getting the correct prices showing in auctioneer. Optionally you can also install the wowecon addon from www.wowecon.com.

I am sure that most people know using auctioneer till this part. Now comes the part where we actually start making money. We will be using the BTMscanner that comes with the auctioneer package.

First switch to the BTMscanner tab at the bottom of auctioneer and press the play button. Now go back to the main screen and start the AH scan. If you dont do this BTMscanner if pretty useless.

While the scan is running BTMscanner will show popup boxes with items that it thinks are on the AH for a cheaper price than what it sells for. Beware that sometimes it could be wrong. That is why its good to have the wowecon addon installed, else head over to wowecon.com and check the prices manually if you are unsure.

As per my experience, stay away from the green items that BTMscanner shows you, try to buy and resell Blue items and weapons. These are almost gauranteed to give you atleast 20-30g profit in most cases. You may configure BTMscanner to show you only Blue items. If not too many people on your server are doing this, you should be making about 300-400g easily.

Using Auctioneer to buy items and DE them for profit

This is my favourite part and where I make most of my money. You need the Enchanting profession to do this. No need to take it to 375 skill, 275 is enough to DE lvl 70 items except epics.

Again go to Auctioneer and do a normal scan. Once the scan has completed open the hidden search UI.

Right click on the magnifying glass in auctioneer to bring up the new search UI. Choose Disenchant and do a scan.

You should see a list of item as shown in the image above. Buy the items and DE them. Then sell the Enchanting mats on AH for good profit.

Disenchanting is a chance. Sometimes you might loose money on a item if it give you less mats, but you need to understand that sometimes they also give Essences which would be worth 4-5 times the money you spent. In the long run you can trust the DE values shown by Auctioneer or Wowecon. Let me put it this way, I buy items worth 80g on AH and DE them. The mats I got from DE would sell for about 300-400g on AH…

You can also use the search UI to search for items on AH that are for sale sell that vendor price but use the converter search with care.

Here is my AuditorFU pic for my lvl 54 character Fawnheart on Ahn’Quiraj server. I only have another bank alt and no lvl 70’s. So all money was made in AH.

If you have any clarification, post a comment here and I will try to help.

World of Warcraft Gold Guide using Auctioneer
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