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WoW MoP Gold Guide – Flip Items in world of warcraft

World of Warcraft is back with Mists of Panderia and the value of gold has gone down. No matter how much you had saved up before the expansion it will not be enough to support you in Mists of Panderia. Gold making in WoW is still very similar to how it was before but now we have new tools to help us with the process. WoW MoP gold guides can only point you in the right direction, the economy of every server is different and the number of players using the same strategy as you will reduce the profit in that section.

Before we start, lets talk about some of the tools for making gold on the auction house in WoW. There are four addons, I believe every Word of Warcraft Mists of Panderia player should use.

The first is Auctioneer, it is getting old but has functions the newer ones done have. Read our guide on how to make gold with auctioneer, this will give you a good idea of what the addon is used for. Disenchanting and Resale are still very profitable. Try not to flip darkmoon cards, lvl85 epics and recipes unless you know what you are doing.

The second addon to use is Auctionator which is a fast and easy way to buy items from the auction house. Many players prefer to use auctionator to sell items but personally I prefer the Appraiser tab in Auctioneer. Auctionator allows us to use shopping lists to search and buy items. We can use this list to quickly search for rare or valuable items. The video below shows you how to setup up shopping lists.

Create a new shopping list and enter the following search terms.





Save the list and search for items. What are these items you ask ?! They are low level items with insane stats. ilvl 450 are rare items you normally get at 90. All those players levelling new characters are ready to pay premium prices to get overpowered items at lower levels. Weapons and trinkets are safe bets here as they sell very well for a few thousand gold and you can easily find players selling them for 200 – 300g. Flip these for a good profit. Other armor items depend on stats, watch the market before you buy.

Items that sell well are Grakl’s Gleaming Talisman, Core of Decency, Daelo’s Final Words, Record of Mysterious Deeds, Stormscale Drape, Bjam’s Door-Breaker, Ennadee’s Twirling Longbow and Lhakaz’s Missing Ribspreader. There are many more but the ones above are safe bets.

The last and the most popular addon today is TradeSkillMaster or TSM as it is commonly known. This addon allows you to craft profitable items or rather que up the profitable ones and then sell all of them on the auction house very easily. Also checks for undercut auctions, cancels them and then reposts them. This is how the glyph market  is always undercut by 1c every 2 minutes.

There is a lot to learn for setting up TSM but its easy once you spend some time to see the video’s. See Clockwork Riot’s TradeSkillMaster Guide to get a good idea of how this is done. For instance put all the glyphs in groups based by ink, put the groups in a category called inscription. Change the override of the inscription category, set minimum as 40g and fall back of say 299g and you are all set to mint money off the the glyph market.

Tradeskill Master has auditor inbuilt which shows you items you bought and sold. This is very useful when you are flipping items. Make sure you setup TSM desktop app to import data from TUJ like they ask.

Buying and selling a lot of items means a lot of mail in WoW. Postal is a good addon that can take all the mail with just one click. It also has many other features that are helpful for sending mails to alts.

WoW MoP Gold Guide – How to find items to flip for gold

So far we have been setting up addons, now lets get to two amazing sites that can help you mint money. Both of them scan every realm’s AH every hour and has a lot of information about your server’s economy. This is extremely helpful when deciding which items to flip, even if you found them using the addons above.

The Undermine Journal displays a list of items that it thinks are great deals that you should buy and resell. This page resets every time they scan the auction house so check often. Flip items that you know are good and will have buyers. Lets see an example below.

That bow can easily be found on sale for 300g and reselling it for around 2500 to 3000g would get you a good profit. When flipping items remember than it might take 2-3 days, so dont get scared and sell items cheaper. Personally I setup groups for each item I resell in TSM and let the addon do the posting and cancelling.

WoWuction is very similar to TUJ but has a front page that shows crafting items being sold for cheap. The WoW MoP crafting materials are easier to flip and wont require as much money as flipping weapons and armor. They also have an items, weapons and armor page which can be found under the reports section of the site. Always make sure you are looking at your realm’s prices since economies are different on each realm. I play on an overpopulated realm where items are usually much cheaper than the EU mean.

Jewelcrafter in world of warcraft who want to prospect for profit will find WoWProspector very useful to calculate the profitability.

The final and probably the best tip I can give you… Read The Consortium forums occasionally atleast. There are brilliant minds at work there and new strategies are coming up every day. If you play GW2, read our Guild Wars 2 gold making guide.

If you found this WoW MoP gold guide useful, leave a constructive comment below and share your ideas with us.

WoW MoP Gold Guide – Flip Items in world of warcraft
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