Alternate UAC for Vista from Norton

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Vista’s UAC ( Vista User Account Control) is actually very useful but at the same time it can be very annoying. Many softwares needs access from UAC to run, especially if it is from an unidentified publisher. Everytime you need to run these files, Vista’s UAC will block them and ask you if you would like to allow it to continue.

In our previous post I had talked about a face recognition software, KeyLemon. This software had 2 files LockEngine.exe & Updater.exe which was being blocked by Vista during startup. Other popular software like Garena was also being stopped by UAC. The only way to get rid of this problem was by disabling UAC, while sacrificing security. Finally there is an alternative UAC from Norton Labs that can help us.

Norton Vista UAC tool replaces the default one that comes with Vista. It checks the signature information of the file before showing recommendations. However the most useful feature of this tool is its ability to remember what option you choose and implement it the next time without askin for human intervention.

This tools is from Norton Labs and they hope to build a white list of softwares that can be allowed to run safely. As always if you know another way to get around this UAC issue, leave a comment and let us know.

Download Norton Vista UAC

Alternate UAC for Vista from Norton
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