Filter Buzz notifications from Gmail Inbox

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In our previous post we wrote about the new Google Buzz which you could say is a mix between twitter and friendfeed.

The first thing you will notice after using Buzz and commenting on one is the amount of spam mails it will start sending to your Gmail Inbox. If not managed properly this spam can easily overrun your inbox with tons of email notifications.

How to use Block Buzz Notifications

Gmail allows users to create filters to manage their emails. Filters can be used to control how emails are labelled and handled. We can use the filter to directly archive these Buzz notifications or just delete them. Let us show you how.

Open Gmail and click on the create a filter as shown in the image above.

In the Create a Filter screen, enter Buzz from as the subject and click on Test Search. This will show any existing Buzz notification emails in your inbox. Now click on Next Step.

On this screen we can choose what action needs to be taken to the emails that match the filter settings we made.

In the example below I choose SkipInbox, Mark as read and Apply Label. This means notifications will not appear in your inbox but you can view them if you click on the label you created. Incase you do not want any notifications, just select the Delete It option.

The filter is setup and will handle the notifications according to the choices you made.

If you do not like social networking in Gmail, you can always turn off Google Buzz.

Filter Buzz notifications from Gmail Inbox
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