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Download Garmin Mapsource Free and Install without error

GPS mapGarmin is one of the best consumer GPS manufacturers in the world. In order to provide a better experience to the user, thy provide a free mapping tool to load your own maps into the GPS device. This software comes free with Garmin GPS units but if you need to use mapsource for some other reason (I wanted to check the Philippines GPS map), Mapsource will not install on your system.

Garmin Mapsource download is available from Garmin’s website. Once you run the installer, there will be an error that a prvious version of Mapsource was not found, this will automatically quit the installation.

How to download and install Garmin Mapsource without the error

1 ) Download Mapsouce here.

2 ) Right Click the saved file and choose extract (You must have Winrar installed)


3 ) Run the MAIN.msi file located in the extracted folder and install it.


4 ) Run Setup.exe and install Mapsource.

5 ) Enjoy !

Here is a screenshot of Mapsource with a Philippines GPS Map loaded into it.

Download Garmin Mapsource Free and Install without error
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  • abo-elmakarem


  • abo-elmakarem


  • Mark

    Tried it a few times did not work for me, but thanks for the post

  • paul

    I have seen these instructions all over the internet…it does not work.

  • I think you did not do what this guide says. It still works, I installed Mapsource on my PC with a new hard disk just a week back….

    Any GPS forum you go to, this is the only way… read around, u knw its true :D

  • Marcelo


  • hehe Thanks Marcelo

  • Purnendu Ghosh

    Required mapsource software because ihave lost that software.

  • Jo

    Worked fine for me!!

  • saeed

    I realize it is helpful to
    I use original source map Garmin source I want. How You can help me?

  • Ralph

    I’ve been trying to get my memory map and garmin GPS to talk to each other, I had tried several methods of getting the Map Source software, yours was the method that worked for a novice computer user. Great..

  • Paulo

    Thank you! Excellent..:D

  • Varsameleon

    Thank you!

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  • hamo

    I cant download GARMIN map

  • cpc

    worked perfect for me! cheers man!

  • rohit

    really thank u sir bcoz i need this in my job and original software cd i lost somewhere.
    again thank u it is working perfectly

  • intouro

    it’s amazing, THANKS!

  • Akua

    Wow, it worked . Thanks

  • seng

    Works like a charm. Thanks Alfred!

  • Gabriel

    Amazingly simply solution, and it worked perfectly. Thanks so much for your instructions.

  • bernard

    thanks Alfred, it works well, bless you!

  • Gunier

    After about 4hrs of searching the web and trying diferent things, I found your blog. It has the best instructions and most importantly worked. Thanks a mil!

  • Thanks for sharing. Works perfectly for me!

    I have owned lots of Garmin GPSes, but didn’t have any Mapsource CDs to install the software on my new netbook. Was cursing Garmin, and then found this post.

    — Shree

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  • steph

    so easy, many thanks

  • Sergio

    so easy! thanks a lot

  • av

    Dont know whats wrong, its a exe. file thats on the download site… does not help with winrar or ?

  • Erwin

    Thanks, works perfect now. Had lots of problem to install basecamp due to lack of .net 3.5
    This is fine for me thanks again!