Download Garmin Mapsource Free and Install without error

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Garmin is one of the best consumer GPS manufacturers in the world. In order to provide a better experience to the user, thy provide a free mapping tool to load your own maps into the GPS device. This software comes free with Garmin GPS units but if you need to use mapsource for some other reason (I wanted to check the Philippines GPS map), Mapsource will not install on your system.

Garmin Mapsource download is available from Garmin’s website. Once you run the installer, there will be an error that a prvious version of Mapsource was not found, this will automatically quit the installation.

How to download and install Garmin Mapsource without the error

1 ) Download Mapsouce here.

2 ) Right Click the saved file and choose extract (You must have Winrar installed)

3 ) Run the MAIN.msi file located in the extracted folder and install it.

4 ) Run Setup.exe and install Mapsource.

5 ) Enjoy !

Here is a screenshot of Mapsource with a Philippines GPS Map loaded into it.

Download Garmin Mapsource Free and Install without error
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