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Facebook Shortcut Keys – List

Facebook has over 500 million active users and most of them spend many hours browsing Facebook pages, games and profiles. It only makes sense to learn new ways to access different pages faster. There are a few keyboard shortcuts that can help you to each specific pages faster. Here is a list of Facebook keyboard shortcuts.

List of Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Please note that some of these keyboard shortcuts do not work with Internet Explorer and some may have problems with Firefox but all of them have been successfully tested with Google Chrome. Firefox users will also need to press Shift along with the shortcut keys. Internet Explorer users will have to press the shortcut keys followed by Enter key.

Searching for a friend or page Alt + ? (Shift+Alt+? for Firefox)

This keyboard shortcut will take your cursor to the search box located at the top of every Facebook Page.

Sending a New Message Alt + M (Shift+Alt+M for Firefox)

This will open a new message window, just type in  the name of the sender and you are all set to go.

The next set of keyboard shortcuts are easy to remember. They start from Alt+1 to Alt+0, each number takes you to a different settings for Facebook, along with Home and Profile pages.

Home Page

Press Alt + 1 to access your Home page or New Feed page.

Profile Page

To view your Profile Page press Alt+2

Friend Request

Alt+3 is the shortcut to accept or deny friend requests.

Messages Page

To view all previous messages press Alt+4


Alt+5 will show your current notifications in Facebook

My Account Settings

Alt+6 gets you to the settings page for changing password and other info.

Privacy Settings

You can access privacy settings using Alt+7

Alt+8 is used to see Facebook page, Alt+9 can be used to see terms & conditions and Alt+0 is for the help page. These three are not likely to be used. Do check out our previous posts about Facebook for more useful tips.

Know any other ways to enhance the Facebook experience ? Leave a comment and share it with us.

Facebook Shortcut Keys – List
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  • Rakesh Kumar

    Now i can reach anywhere in Facebook just in time. Thanks for shortcuts.

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    Beautiful information ..i think it is very helpful of facebook user

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    Qual atalho para compartilhar imagens no facebook ?