Find Google Maps Latitude and Longitude

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While trying to add some venues on Foursquare manually through my laptop I found that I needed to add the latitude and longitude to be able to give an accurate venue location. After locating the venue on Google Maps, I tried to look for a way to find its GPS co-ordinates. There wasnt any simple way to see this info, after searching the internet for a bit I found this simple Javascript that can show the co-ordinates.

How to Find Google Maps Latitude and Longitude

Open Google Maps and find the location you are looking for

Right click on the location and choose “center map here”

Now copy the following code and paste it into the address bar


A new box will popup with the latitude and longitude of the location in Google Maps

Thats it, if you were trying to add a new venue in Foursquare like me you can create a venue, then edit it and add the GPS co-ordinates that you found using the method above.

Windows Mobile users of Foursquare should check out Mysquare; a free application that allows you to access Foursquare from a Windows Mobile device.

Find Google Maps Latitude and Longitude
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