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GTA San Andreas Vista Crash / Freeze fix – How to

gta-san-andreasGTA San Andreas has a problem running in Windows Vista where the mouse suddenly freezes. This would then cause the game to freeze. The only solution then to get out of the game would be to restart the computer. After gettting a lot of crashes, I finally decided to find a fix for this bug.

Many websites ask you to run the game under compatibility mode. I tried this but it didnt seem to help much. For those who want the try it, do the steps below. The real fix is given after these steps.

How to run a program in Compatibility Mode

  1. Right click the executable and click the Properties option.
  2. Select the Compatibility tab.
  3. Select the Run This Program in Compatibility Mode option.
  4. From the drop-down list, choose the operating system Win XP.
  5. Select the option to run the program as an administration.
  6. Click OK.

Now for the actual fix for this bug. The reason GTA 3 crashes is because of the Windows Event Logger. We neeed to disable the Event Logger to stop the game from freezing.

How to use disable Windows Event Logger to Fix GTA  San Andreas mouse freeze
1 ) Press the start button and type services in the run box

2 ) If the UAC popup appears, press continue.

3 ) This will bring up the Services window. Click on the Services Tab.

4) Find Windows Event Log in the list of services and double click it.

eventlog disable

5) Under Statup Type, choose Disabled and Click OK.

6) Restart your computer and enjoy playing GTA.

Leave a comment below if this helped you.

GTA San Andreas Vista Crash / Freeze fix – How to
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  • Amisola

    I didn’t find UAC, pop up.

  • Amisola

    I have Event Viewer instead of Event Logger. Same thing?

  • Sim

    :razz: Thank you ever so much the only fix that worked. Thank you ever so much continue your great work!!

  • lightning

    thanks for the tip but…
    the only thing when the sa-mp ia loading the screen,
    it just goes to a black screen so i need help :???:

  • bota raul



  • Cannibal

    ok i dit al the chit you gave me thx for that but the game stil freezez and stops when i enter the hood in the beginnin of the game grove i don’t know what to do and i can not reinstal :twisted: i lost my cd :oops:

  • Carl

    The run thing didn’t work i typed services and nothink happend Plz help GTA san andreas sucks when it freezes.

  • Kenan

    Amisola, it means that you have that disabled. It’s not needed anyway.

  • the kang 399

    no did’t work but i know the problem it’s a speedometer mod i have installed on gta sa thx anyways

  • Kang it didnt work cause u installed mods. This fix was for GTA after clean installation

  • 3L173

    Hi everyone!
    I’m with windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.
    My mouse isn’t working.. this isn’t helping me..
    My GTASA is with so many mods..
    My mouse is Logitech MX518 with USB plug.. My friends told me that the problem is from the USB mouse.. I’ve bought other plug that is not USB(I don’t know how to call this :D like the older keybords..) and still not working..
    BUT i’ve found other option to fix the problem with the mouse.. Just create a second (administrator)acc on your PC..
    I’m sorry for my bad English.. I’m Bulgarian :/

  • sam

    thx dude,
    now i can play the old good san andreas again

  • Dude

    If this doesn’t work, try this for vista/7: go to C/Users/(your user name)/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files/Rockstar Games/GTA SA/ then delete the “data’ folder.

    If you can’t find the AppData folder, just make the invisible folders visible.

    This did it for me.

  • Dude

    (read previous comment) My problem was=> game freeze, but the sound kept going.

  • michael ruiz

    my problem is that always tell me vorbis/file is missing from your computer try to reinstall vorbis/file

  • michael ruiz

    plis am trying to chat with my cousin joel but i can play plis tell me how to do it my cousin is sick my is windows 7 home premium

  • oh PLZ

    damn i have still same problem that when i’m trying to open menu in SanAndreas, i have to wait always 30 secords before it opens, and my mouse is not working and when i load game, i have to wait 30 sec always when it loads and it is soooo annoying and nothing works, i tried all.I guess i have to give up.And gta_exe. open very slowly too.

  • faiz

    mate..when i disable the event pc cannot detect any network connection..

  • Dude

    Did you tried my solution? Check it out, above.

  • Dude

    *Have you tried my solution? Check it out, above.

  • makani


  • Alan

    I just uninstalled and reinstalled using the full install option and it worked.

  • Kevin

    Thankyou so much for the help :)

  • Mike

    OMG it worked!!! I was told to run it as Windows98/Windows Me but that never worked…..XP is the answer i guess…cheers…

  • FIXER22

    For everyone that has this mosue bug, use this ASI plugin:


  • Shaman

    For those who cannot open the services windows using run, you can just type in services at the search bar of the Start thing at the bottom left of the screen

  • jjc

    hy everyone..i have this problem with my gta sanandreos..the game open but after the welcome screen it just closes.can anyone help me pls…send me an email to [email protected]