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How to add Adsense to Blogger

  • Bharathy

    What a pleasant surprise!!!Lissie has a grown up son!!!Nice to meet you Alfred..
    I am your moms reader who had put up the query..:)..
    Soooo nice of you to put up a separate post for the purpose..:)..cant thank with words..

    I must have an account with a credit card first before entering this ..:)..I may come up with more queries then..:)
    Thanks a TON alfred..I will link this post of yours in my test blog for future ref,,:)

  • Alfred

    Not a problem, just wanted to let you know that you don’t need a credit card for Adsense, they will send a check, once your account has 100$.

  • Bharathy

    appo enda njan cheyyende…should I give them my bank account detail?, alfred,to start with..??starting trouble annu..:)…Tamil naduvil ethu bank ayalum avar ayakkumo??..pls advice alfred!!:)