How to make web pages print ready

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Tried printing some content from a website only to see that half of the printed matter is not useful ? Webpages contain advertisments, navigation links, bookmarks to other sites, comment boxes and other content that are not required when you want to print a page. Now one option is to copy the content you want to print into a word processor like Microsoft Word or even Notepad and then print it. This might not work well everytime due to images and other content that might get disturbed while copying. Some websites and email services like Gmail provide a “Print” link which opens a new page that is formatted for printing. What is such an option is not available ?

How to print web page in printer friendly format

By formatting pages to be print friendly we can save ink and paper while printing only the required content. PrintFriendly is a web service that optimizes webpages and allows users to  remove images and content that is not required. The site also allows you to save the page as a PDF file.

Using the site is easy, just copy the URL of the page that has to be printed and wait while PrintFriendly prepares a printer friendly page. You can also use the convenient browser bookmarklet if you print often.

Check out PrintFriendly

How to make web pages print ready
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