How to Submit site to BING or Ping Bing

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Most of you would have heard of the new search engine called Bing. Many might also have noticed new traffic coming from this search engine. For those who havent got there site indexed by Bing, read on to know how you can submit your blog to Bing.

How to Submit a site to Bing

This is fairly simple. Visit the link below and add you site.

Submit URL to Bing

How to ping your site to Bing

There are 2 ways we can do this.

1) Bing has their own Webmaster Center like Google. Visit the Bing Webmaster Center Page and sign in with a live ID. You can then add your site and the sitemap URL.

2) Another way to ping Bing is by directly using their ping service. For this to work change the URL (red) to your blog’s sitemap file. Just paste the url in the browser’s address bar to ping.


Incase you do not have a XML sitemap, you can use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin in wordpress to make one. Also read our list of 90 Blog Ping Services list to add in wordpress.

How to Submit site to BING or Ping Bing
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