Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site. Operation Aborted (KB927917)

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I am a hardcore Firefox fan and refuse to shift to Internet Explorer or Chrome. For some reason I had to login on two different ID’s on the same system, so used my IE 8. While logging into this blog I got the KB927917  error. IE would then open a blank page. Trying to find a fix for this took me quite some time to figure out, since answers on other sites were not working.

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site. Operation Aborted.

According to a site, this error was being caused by Kontera script which I run on this blog as well. Turning off the plugin did not stop the error. Another site said that it was being caused due to a sitemeter script update that caused it. Both these errors occured in 2007 & 2008.

After looking through all the javascript running on my blog, I finally found that this error was being caused by Google FriendConnect. This is a popular widget which works like MyBlogLog and allows your visitors to join a site’s community.

Removing this widget has finally fixed this error and saved me many visitors who would have otherwise never seen my blog. Microsoft’s Support site, has information on the cause of this error and how to fix it.

Does anyone know a way I could get back Friend Connect without getting this error ? Let us know, leave a comment.

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