Multiman not loading games – Black Screen errors

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PS3 have had a lot of packages but the most famous and popular one is Multiman. Multiman is a backup manager that allows you to load your backed up games to play on the PS3.

Many games nowadays like Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell, etc give a black screen and return to the XMB (PS3 Main Screen) when trying to load. This multiman guide is for education purposes only and will show you how to fix these errors.

Multiman Black Screen unable to load games Fix

There are a few options in Multiman that need to be enabled to make it work with the newer games. If you are unfamiliar with the package, read the Beginners Guide for Multiman before proceeding.

First begin my loading Multiman and head to the settings screen. Scroll to the bottom and you will find the BD-Rom emulation options. Set this to enabled and restart the PS3. This will enable Blueray Drive emulation which allows you to mirror the BD drive and load games without problems.

Multiman Black screen with BD-Rom emulation enabled

These games might require the BD Mirror option to be set in order to load them correctly.

Start multiman from XMB, highlight the game with the error.

Press the triangle button or square button to bring up the game settings.

Navigate to and enable the BD mirror option and press the start button.

Load the game and see it if works.

If you still face problems check the internal (or external if using external hard disk) option and press start. This should solve the black screen and multiman return to XMB without loading game problems.

Note :- New version of Multiman comes with BD emulation. If for some reason you are running and old version you might have to download and install the BDemu package. Update to the latest multiman to avoid these problems.

Multiman not loading games – Black Screen errors
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