Open blocked sites from school or office

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Many schools and offices blocks social networking sites like Orkut. There is a very simple workaround to open these sites. The simplest way is to use a web proxy. I have been asked this question more than a hundred times, so I thought I’s make a list of web proxies that my friends can use.

So why use a web proxy ?
Anonymous free web proxies allow you to bypass local proxies and security restrictions and surf blocked sites or simply surf privately and securely without need to install any software on your computer. If you browse the web through public web proxy the website cannot find your real IP address. You IP address gives out information regarding your location, OS, web browser, etc which can be misused.

How to use ?
Just look for a box like the image shown below on the site. Enter the website you want to browse and click Surf

List of Proxies

24 Proxy
6 4 5 Web Proxy
7 N 4
911 Surf
Browse At Work
Browse Orkut
CDB Plc Proxy
Cloak Now
Cloak Pal
Cloak Plus
Cloak Tool
Cloak Wiz
Daves Online Proxy
Digg a Proxy
Fast Cloak
Go Fish
Mega Cloak
My Proxy Solution
No Limit Browsing
Protected Browser
Proxy Outlaw
Proxy Pure
Rapid Cloak
Silver Surf
Site Pass
Surf From Work
Surf Yourself
Velox Proxy
Since this has become a little outdated, use HIDEMYASS.COM or zendproxy.com. I have verified that this site works perfectly from many countries and opens most blocked sites. If these still dont work, do a simple search for web proxy in Google and choose from one of the results or Let me Google that for you. Sometimes sites may be blocked by filter in which case, search for these site names at home and try accessing them in office.
Note :- If your office is blocking sites using DNS servers like opendns, change the dns server of your computer. Primary DNS and secondary DNS This is Google public DNS and will help you bypass DNS blocks.
Open blocked sites from school or office
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