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Remove Rapidshare Download Wait Time

RapidShare for those who don’t know is a file sharing service. You might find many links for downloads on websites, where the files are hosted on RapidShare. This is a simple trick to remove the wait time that RapidShare imposes on free users before downloading.

rapidshare no wait timeHow to Remove RapidShare Download wait time

  1. Open the Rapidshare link to download the file.
  2. Click on Free User
  3. Now the page should show you a wait time counter
  4. Copy and Paste the following to the address bar
  5. javascript:alert(c=0)
  6. No more wait time, Enjoy

A simple screencast we made incase you didn’t understand. Comment on this post if you liked this post.

Remove Rapidshare Download Wait Time
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  • Venkat

    hey Dude,

    Its really cool man,..
    nice, Thanks

  • kum

    :cry: :cry: :cry: Its working but if i click the download it shows the “Please check,if your browser supports java script”

  • Binu

    Yes its working, but it show the error message as KUM says.
    Anyway thanks for the trick :mrgreen:

  • Irene

    Its working, thanks.

  • Proxy Unblockers Blog

    Yes it is still working. Thank you. :smile:

  • TheRangepur

    I’m going to wait till my download finishes so I can try it out, thanks for sharing this! :smile: :mrgreen: :lol:
    Do ya have a download limit hack? :cool: :?: :!:

  • TheRangepur

    How does this omment gadget knows what Net Browser I’m using and what computer I’m using and in which country I’m in :?: :?: :?: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

  • TheRangepur

    Get back to me on my YouTube account, the Username is the name I used to comment.

  • How does the comment know your browser and country ?

    All websites you visit track your IP address. All computers give out general information like IP address, browser version and screen resolution.

    The IP address can tell you which country and city you are from along with information on which ISP provides your internet.

    Maybe you never noticed it on other sites. Hehe

  • Rapidsahre Downloads

    Thanks mate, this is an awesome trick you added on here. Will be using it. And bookmarking this site! : )

  • Thanks mate, but I guess you know many more tricks about rapidshare, considering that your link is for a RS related site ;)

    Anyways thanks for visiting & the bookmark

  • bkearey

    Try RSDownloader for downloading files from rapidshare.

  • anuj

    thanx mate its working………
    nice dude