Remove Rapidshare Wait Time

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When downloading files from Rapidshare, everyone knows how annoying it is to wait for the countdown before downloading.

In our previous post about removing the Rapidshare Download timer, we showed you how copy pasting a simple javascript command to the page’s URL box could remove the countdown. If you dont like remembering this peice of code and want and easier way, there are extensions and addons for browsers that can help you.

Firefox Addon – RapidShare DownloadHelper

This addon makes downloading for Rapidshare a very easy process. It will automatically detect, wait and download files from Rapidshare without any need for you to stay on the page to click the download button.

The program will show a green box on the Rapidshare download page that it will download the file. You can then continue browsing and the addon will start the download once the countdown is over.

Chrome Extension – RapidShare DownloadHelper

This is essentially the same addon for Firefox that is ported for Google Chrome.  It works exactly the same way.

If you download many files from Rapidshare, it might be a good idea to take a look at Download Managers like Jdownloader. It can que up and download files automatically from multiple file sharing sites without the need to enter captha and waiting for countdowns.

Remove Rapidshare Wait Time
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