How students can get Windows 7 Free

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Almost everyone knew about the Windows 7 Student offer. Now that the offer has been closed, students are forced to buy Windows 7 at normal rates. What most of them dont realize is that Microsoft has a MSDN Academic Alliance with many school all around the world.

MSDNAA allows schools and colleges in 45 countries to have the  latest software from Microsoft available at cheaper prices. The institution pays an annual fee, which gives them licensed copies of Microsoft OS and software for computer labs and students. You might just be in luck, if you happen to attend one of these institutions.

How students can get Windows 7 Free

  1. Visit MSDNAA school search
  2. Click International student if outside USA
  3. Find your school from the list
  4. Click on Visit Software Center
  5. Click Software and select Windows 7 Pro
  6. Click add to cart, login and download Windows 7

Incase you do not have the login info, contact your schools IT department for the same. Hope this helps atleast some of you guys.

How students can get Windows 7 Free
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