Windows 10 stuck 99 percentage – How to fix

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Windows 10 is known to take a long time to upgrade in many cases. A high number of users are seeing windows 10 stuck 99 % for a long period of time. Being a free upgrade from Windows 8 or 7 users are prompted to upgrade their computers. Thinking that it is going to be an easy upgrade they take the leap.

We need to take at the time required for a normal Windows 10 upgrade. It can take upto 15 minutes to finish the configuration stage and reboot the system. 45 minutes to an hour can be expected in sometimes to reach the 50% to 75% upgrade stage. To complete the process it could take up to another hour. Please be patient if you are upgrade and not doing a clean install.

How to fix Windows 10 stuck 99 %

If you have waited for a few hours or tried a few times and there is still no progress, then we can take a look at the most popular reasons for getting windows 10 freeze at 99%.

Just unplug all your USB devices after the installation starts !

Windows 10 seems to have problems with some USB devices connected to the computer while the Windows 10 upgrade is happening. It could be due to drivers or malfunctioning USB devices.

Hence it is recommened to remove them after the upgrade starts and the computer has restarted.

If it still gets stuck then the only option is to try and use the Media Creation Tool. Please follow the steps given at the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool guide. Remember to run the program as an admin (right and choose Run as Administrator).


Again we would like to stress that it is a known issue that the upgrade could take hours to complete. So unplug the USB devices and go do something else for a few hours. If there are any additional steps that helped you or could help our readers, do share with us in the comments below.


Windows 10 stuck 99 percentage – How to fix
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