Windows 8 Finalizing Settings Stuck Hang – How to fix

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Windows 8 is fast and well designed. Its only natural that you might want to upgrade to the latest version. Its is highly recommended that you run the Windows 8 upgrade assistant before starting the installation to ensure the computer has the basic requirements.

Recently I installed windows 8 on an  7 year old Acer laptop and faced the issue of the installation hanging at the Finalizing Settings screen. The BIOS was outdated and there was no update available on the Acer support site. This was a clean install, so when I rebooted from the Finalizing Screen it would do the same thing again. For users who are upgrading restarting resulted in Windows restoring the old OS.

How to fix Windows 8 Finalizing Settings Screen Hang

The fix to get past the finalizing screen is quite easy but involves some trial and error. We need to kill some tasks running in the background so that the Windows 8 installation will continue. Lets get started

Press Shift + F10 to get the command prompt

Type tasklist, you should see a screen similar to the one below (image is just an example)

You should see two or three entries with cmd.exe (one of them will be a microsoft  kb update that is causing the problem, use tasklist /v to see detailed view)

We need to end the right task so skip this screen. Next to the cmd.exe there will be a four digit number. This is the process ID. Note down the process ID’s for cmd.exe

Type taskkill /PID 1234 .  Replace “1234” with the process ID you noted earlier.

Once the right process is killed, Windows 8 will finally move to the preparing start screen.

Sometimes the finalizing screen is stuck due to connected USB devices you can try unplugging them if that is the case.

Enjoy Windows 8. Note that some graphic drivers from Windows update is known to cause problems. Download and install them yourself instead of the auto update (especially Nvidia drivers) or you will end up with a blank black screen on Windows 8 boot.

Update – Please check the comments section below, there is a lot of information and other solutions given by our readers.

Windows 8 Finalizing Settings Stuck Hang – How to fix
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