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8 tools to easily download mp3’s

Here are eight tools that should make it easier to download mp3’s.

top5mp3_freemusiczilla.jpg Simple windows program that auto-detects currently streaming tracks (from Imeem,, Pandora, and many more.) and provides a one-click option to download and store them on your drive.
top5mp3_orbit-downloader.jpg From the same company as FreeMusicZilla. Although, OrbitDownloader comes with a lot more features and lets you get music (and music videos) from literally any social music or video website. It can be a Yotube viddeo, Yahoo Music clip, or a Pandora track. Highlights: fully-integrable with all popular browsers, option to pause/resume downloads, and more.
top5mp3_creation-beta.jpg A very cool MP3 search engine. Just search, choose and download. Also does a pretty good job at filtering-out irrelevant results. In most cases I was able to find what I was looking for. Other useful features include: Firefox search integration and search MP3s by lyrics.
top5mp3_g2p-mp3-search.jpg Another MP3 search engine, unlike Cr3ation B3ta, G2P searches for MP3s using Google. For example, searching G2P for Rihanna returns all Google-indexed pages listing Rihanna MP3s. In most cases you can download these files using ‘Save Link As’ option.
top5mp3_airrmp3.jpg AirMP3 lets you search on multiple free MP3 sources simultaneously. Also lists lots of useful charts: MTV Europe (Top 20), UK Top 40, Top 40 France, and so on. Plus AirMp3’s “Top Searched” and “Top Downloaded” songs for the week. Quite handy if you need some guidance on what’s popular.
top5mp3_kohit-free-mp3.jpg Kohit is a clear and comprehensive mp3 directory. Very moderate on ads and doesn’t require any kind of registration. As in the case of AirMP3, Kohit also provides lots of handy stats i.e ‘Top Downloads’, ‘Top Searches’ and Top 20’s by country
top5mp3_mp3int.jpg Less-popular and smaller alternative to Kohit. But with over 140.000 MP3s in it’s index still deserves a mention.
audioraider.jpg Audioraider uses google’s search engine to get results and then filters results that do not have mp3 files.


8 tools to easily download mp3’s
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