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Best Alternative Music player for Windows – List

Tired of using Windows Media Player and the seemingly resource hungry Winamp. Personally I hate iTunes for some odd reason, I never figured out why. So did a little searching, tried out a few other alternative music players, checked their performance, etc. Now there is no one software that fits all, It all comes down to personal choice. My choice has been Foobar2000. Dont worry, other music players for windows have been listed at the end of this post for you to check out.

Foobar2000 is a lightweight, free audio player for Windows that supports multiple audio formats and replay gain. The program has a very minimalist look but is very easily customizable to suit personal preferences. It also supports plugins, tagging, keyboard shortcuts and a lot more. The download is quite small at only 3MB and installation is pretty quick as well. This is my personal choice, since I need a low resource usage music player that can work in the background while I am playing a game or other resouce intensive application.

35 of the best music players for Windows

For users who wants to see all the good music players for Windows, here is the list. I am not going to review each, the links should take you to the respective pages where you can find more info. The ones marked in bold are quite popular.

AquaLung (linux)
Cool Player
E Jukebox
Groovy Media Player
J.River Media Center
J.River Media Jukebox
Jet Audio
Muffin Music Player
Media Player Classic (comes with windows)
Quintessential Player
Real Player
Spider Player
The Godfather
VLC Player
Windows Media Center (comes with windows)
Windows Media Player (comes with windows)
Xion Player
XBMC Media Center

I am sure you can find something that suit your personal preferences from that exhaustive list. Incase I missed out any good ones, leave a comment and share it with us.
Best Alternative Music player for Windows – List
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  • Ordenado Digital

    When i had a windows pc nothing was better than winamp and his skins :)

  • I loved Winamp too till around the time Vista came out, then Winamp left like it used a lot of system resources. It kinda seemed slow and I’ve never gone back to it

  • Youre

    “Media Player Classic (comes with windows)”

    Wrong, Media Player Classic is a different program from the Microsoft one, despite the similar name.